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Up Front

Your USDA Certified Organic Beef is not COOL! 

Country Of Origin Law (COOL) Legislation enacted in 2009 has been quietly repealed in a  2016 spending bill - allowing firms to import organic beef (and pork) from other countries but still be labeled "Product of the USA"!


“The American consumer has the right to know where their food comes from.”

— eat american


The journey that foreign organic beef takes from ranch to your table is a long and unappetizing one.  As a consumer, you should be in the know with regard to what you eat.  This is especially true when the labeling is down right not true!

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Our Mission

Nothing is more fundamental than food.  Americans have been blessed with abundance from the coasts to the heartland.  The reality of that blessing has been tainted in the name of profit, to allow firms to hide the truth about where your food comes from, and what it is made of.  Eat American intends show where this misinformation is occurring and help you make better choices for you and your family.



Country of Origin Labeling made mandatory.


Requirement for Organic Beef and Pork labeling repealled 

800 million+

Pounds of FOREIGN Beef imported into the USA per year.


EatAmerican.com is standing up for the consumer to hold business interests and legislators to task to serve the public's interest and not their own!

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